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  • Q. Does MeroSys work in my country?

    A.MeroSys is a global product and works across the globe.

  • Q.How do I ensure that I do not get orders from distant customers?

    A.MeroSys has a specialized area management console using which you could specify the areas for which you would like to accept orders.

  • Q.Are there any long term contracts?

    A.No! There are no contracts, whatsoever! Simply sign up and pay by the month, for as long as you wish to use the service.

  • Q.Can MeroSys integrate with my website?

    A.Yes - Absolutely! In fact, we can help you customize the look and feel of your MeroSys for a small fee.

  • Q.Can I accept credit cards through MeroSys?

    A.Yes! In fact, MeroSys lets you accept credit cards/Paypal and even lets your customer pay offline, upon delivery/pick-up!

  • Q. What are the system requirements for using MeroSys?

    A.MeroSys is a hosted service and you do not require anything to use MeroSys. In fact, we take care of hosting, maintenance and software upgrades! All you do is what you are great at - serving your customers well.

  • Q. Do you have a demo system?

    A.Yes - we have a live demo online at http://demo.merosys.com for

        Admin Panel - http://demo.merosys.com/admin

        UserName - livedemo@merosys.com

        Password - livedemo

  • Q. Can I use my own domain with MeroSys?

    A.Yes, indeed!

  • Q. Is my data safe?

    A.Absolutely! We have very stringent security and backup policies. Our servers are hosted in a state-of-the art datacenter in the USA and all data is backed up every 24 hours to an offline location.

  • Q. I own/represent a web design company and I would like to re-sell MeroSys. What options are available?

    A.We have a rewarding reseller program and white-label programs as well. Please contact us for further details.

  • Q. Is it possible to cancel the subscription any time?

    A.Yes. You are not held by any contract and you can cancel the subscription at any time you feel like.

  • Q. How may I pay for the subscription?

    A.We support a number of online payment options. You can pay us through PayPal, 2Checkout.

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